Terms & Conditions

The Ronantravels website is offered for your convenience under the condition that you agree to its various terms and conditions that are listed herein without any modifications. Additionally, the website might contain terms related to a particular feature or offer, such as Hotel, Flight. If you cannot agree to any of the listed term or condition mentioned below, then you have the option of not using the Ronantravels.com website.

Services, Content

  • Availability – We promise to make every effort to keep our Ronantravels website live and available 24 hours, 7 days a week. But there can be some scheduled or unscheduled downtimes for maintenance at our website end or at the end of our server company. There can also be system outages. Under these circumstances, we cannot promise uninterrupted service or availability. We cannot assume any responsibility or liability for any interruption, downtime, or delay.
  • Content – We make every effort to make sure that the content on every page of the website is accurate. However, we cannot take responsibility for any human, data entry mistakes that may cause damage to a user because of the information contained therein. Also, the Ronantravels.com website doesn’t own any hotel or airline. They are from suppliers. So the website cannot prevent or control changes to any published description. If there are such changes that are known to us, we will make every effort to inform the user through our website or personally at the time of making a booking.
  • Viruses – We are always making every reasonable effort to make sure that the Ronantravels.com website is safe to use. However, we cannot guarantee that the website will be free of viruses or other destructive software always. We urge you to take every precaution or safeguard before using our website or the information published herein. We do not take any responsibility for damages to your computer or other equipment that may or may not happen from using our website or downloading anything from it.
  • Limitation of Liability – You must agree to use the Ronantravels.com website and its content at your own risk, under applicable laws. All products and services in this website are subject to the conditions of the providers, including but not limited to itineraries, tariffs, and government regulations. All providers who supply products and services available at the Ronantravels.com website are independent contractors. They are not employees or agents of Ronantravels.com. Under no circumstances will Ronanair.com be liable for any indirect, direct, or other consequential damages caused to the user from the use of this website.

A. Flight Ticket Terms & Conditions

Airline tickets at the Ronantravels.com website, are subject to the terms and conditions of the particular airline, including but not limited to its cancellation and refund policies.
Ronantravels.com only works as a facilitator to help you find and buy the flight ticket. The service contract for using the flight is always between the concerned airline carrier and the user.

The airline carrier retains the right to cancel or reschedule the flight route and time, without seeking prior permission from Ronantravels As the facilitator, Ronantravels does not have any authority or control over flight logistics, and is thus not responsible for any direct or incidental loss a user may suffer because of any such changes. Also, baggage allowances on fares displayed at our website are decided by individual airlines. Ronantravels has no authority in this.

B. Hotel Booking Terms & Conditions

Ronantravels provides an online platform, working as a facilitator to help users select and book hotels. In this context, hotels include all accommodation categories like resorts, bed and breakfasts, farm houses, home-stays, villas, and all other types of accommodations available on rent for holiday or business travel.
All information regarding hotels on our website relates to its category, room types, images, facilities, and amenities that are available at the property as per information provided to Ronantravels by the individual hotel. Users should use this information only for reference. The user must raise any discrepancy found between what is available at the hotel and what is described at the Ronantravels website with the hotel directly. Such issues shall be resolved between the hotel and the user. Ronantravels will not be held responsible in any way and cannot do any mediation to reach a resolution. Ronantravels cannot be held liable for any such discrepancy.
Hotel booking vouchers and emails issued by Ronantravels to a user is based solely on information supplied by the hotel about its inventory. Ronantravels cannot be held accountable in any circumstances for failure of the hotel to honour such agreement or accommodate the user with a confirmed booking or service standard or any other service-related issues of the hotel. Our liability towards check-in denial by a hotel because of over-booking, technical or system errors, room unavailability, or some other reason is limited to providing alternative similar accommodation, or issuing a refund of the booking amount to a user. A user must resolve all other issues related to service directly with the hotel.
Hotels have the sole right to honour admissions. Ronantravels does not have any say in this matter whatsoever. Some hotels may not allow check-in to unrelated or unmarried couples according to their policies. Some hotels may also deny accommodation to local residents. Ronantravels cannot be held liable if such check-in is denied by a hotel because of such reasons or some other reason that is not in our control. Refunds cannot be issued if a hotel denies check-in because of such above mentioned reasons.
Additional Hotel Charges – Booking amount a user pays are only for the accommodation. However, some bookings also include breakfast and/or meals, but this will be confirmed during the booking process. A user has to pay directly to the hotel the cost towards any other service used at the property like room service, laundry, telephone, internet, beverages, extra food etc.

Limitation of Liability

Ronantravels cannot be held accountable for any improper service or delay caused by an independent contractor that may cause damage, loss, injury or death to a user. Ronantravels only works as a facilitator to help users find holiday packages and connect them with the independent contractors that are offering their products.
Ronantravels cannot also be held responsible for actions or any act of a co-passenger or co-traveller that may cause baggage loss, damage, injury, discomfort, delay, increased expenses, or accident to a user. Ronantravels will also not be held accountable for any act or omission of the independent contractor or any of its agents or employees.
A user must take up any issues or delays directly with the service provider or the independent contractor. Ronantravels will not be held responsible for any issue that is beyond our control.
There can be exceptional situations where the independent contractor may not be able to deliver the hotel or airline in full or part because of labour unrest, climatic conditions, government decisions, business exigencies, technical or operational issues, flight and route cancellations, etc. If/When Ronantravels has prior information of such situations that may cause dishonour of bookings, we will do our best efforts to provide alternative similar Flight, Hotel, or issue a refund of the booking amount, after deducting reasonable service charges, Provided only if, the money is refunded by the respective independent contractor or service provider.
A user must agree that as is just a facilitator, we shall not be held accountable for any such circumstances. A user will have to contact the independent contractor directly to resolve the issue and get a refund. Ronantravels maximum liability is to refund the booking amount, subject to receiving it from the contractor.


Ronantravels provides proposed itineraries to users before bookings. Such an itinerary is subject to changes. Confirmed hotel vouchers and booking details will be sent to users after making the full payment and before departure. This shall be final. Nights and days in the itinerary are decided according to the availability of airlines and hotel. Outbound tour prices can change before departure without any prior notice because of currency price changes or other issues. A user will need to pay such an incremental tour cost before departing if this happens.
Ronantravels makes every effort while finalizing the itinerary to make sure that it complies with the comfort and convenience of users. Ronantravels will inform the user about any change in the itinerary before the departure if we are so informed by the independent contractor. Ronantravels cannot be held responsible after departure or if there is some change that is beyond our control. Ronantravels holds the right to alter, amend or withdraw any departure or hotel if it is deemed necessary. Ronantravels is not liable if a user misses any activity or attraction on a tour because of delay by a user. No refund can be issued in this regard.


If there is any dispute between Ronantravels and a user, while using the website or thereafter, relating to the interpretation, implementation, validity or any alleged breach of a provision of the Terms and Conditions, then such dispute will be referred to solely an independent arbitrator and neutral third party who will be identified by Ronantravels. All such arbitrations will be held at Budapest, Hungary. Proceedings of the arbitration will be in English.

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